Gummy Bear Mold w/ Dropper

One of my more favorite items I reviewed recently was a silicone gummy bear mold. Which was by far one of the greatest silicone products to enter my kitchen. The Doppler that comes with it is great because the bulb portion is removable from the base, allowing for a much more sanitary cleaning. The gummy bear mold needs no lubrication before use, bears will pop out perfect every time.

Making your own gummy bears is not only healthier, but cheap and delicious. I saw some other people talk about them saying they were going to make multivitamins for them, no idea how to do that but it was an interesting idea for sure. I look forward to making chocolate bears.

My daughter didn’t fully understand that these were to “eat” and not to play with. These bears do shrink when left out uncovered, and if left to melt on your couches. Be warned… I don’t look forward to cleaning it up any time soon. Hopefully we get new couches with tax season, maybe I can just leave the mess until then…it’s not sticky or anything lol.


63 Cavity Silicone Gummy Bear Mold with BONUS DROPPER FOR EASY FILLING!

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