Stainless Steel Rolling Pin


As you can see from the pictures I’ve included. We do a lot of baking in my house. My daughter (2.5yrs old) is the best darn egg cracker you will ever meet, she gets it perfect every time without any shells.

I got the chance to review a Stainless Steel Rolling at a discount rate, and could not pass it up. I have had to roll out doughs and guess at the thickness, for YEARS. So many recipes ask you to have it be a certain size high, and I’ve either eyeballed it or ransacked my husband’s office supplies looking for a plastic ruler.

This rolling pin is simply amazing. The ends of it unscrew/rescrew into place, the discs are interchangeable so you can pick your desired thickness. With it being stainless steel it’s so easy to clean. But my favorite is putting it in the freezer, so many of the doughs I prefer to work with have a strong desire to be cold. My pie crusts, cookie doughs, etc. and by having the rolling pin cold as well as the dough, I can see it working out very well for my future. No pics of it currently in use, but it will be getting played with this weekend now that I’ve cleaned the house and am ready for a baking session with my number 1 chef.



Link to Product-

Stainless Steel Rolling Pin with Adjustable and Removable Discs – Roll Dough to 3 Precise Thicknesses – Freezer & Dishwasher Safe By Chef’s Organic Gadget

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