Magic Beadz

These magic beads are incredibly amazing and fun. Just one teaspoon made over a cups worth of finished product. Pics taken at the start, 1 hour in, and at 3 hours in.

My daughter absolutely LOVES these, and has been having a blast playing with them in the bath tub, which is where I have had to vanquish them to on account of them rolling and bouncing everywhere and I didn’t need to recreate marbles slipping scenarios.  marbles

Our drain holes are too small for them to go through and we have a blocking system in place so it’s safe and won’t go own our drain. Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend others using them in their tubs without the protective measures, no one wants to call a plumber.

For the longest time my daughter has been afraid (more like terrified) of baths. The closest we could get her to taking one was sponging her down, and that was little at a time, face one day, arms the next. But I saw the chance to review these magic beadz and jumped at it thinking they could be my salvation. I was so right, because the first day we got them, we were actually successful at convincing my daughter to take a bath to play with them. She stood in the tub for maybe a minute before deciding she was done. But there was no fight to get her in there. Next day, she stayed in a little longer, and her daddy convinced her to sit on her butt, in exchange for a piece of candy when she was done. From there it just sort of progressed. We got these magic beadz around November 15th, I’m writing this here on December 5th, and saying that now my daughter is begging me for baths several times a day and sitting in the tub for as long as she wants, several minutes to half an hour. We still haven’t even touched half way on the container of beadz either, so I know this is going to last us forever. We still have to find a way into letting her let us wash her hair with real shampoo, instead of the conditioner water bottle spray I do when she’s sleeping. But, I think we can figure something out here soon. She’s already made such huge leaps towards success in such a short period of time. I’m so proud of her and amazed doesn’t being to describe my feelings towards this product.



Magic Beadz

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