Momma Bear with Womb Sounds

I apologize for my air headed appearance in this video review. Hearing the sounds just set me back to my first pregnancy, being in the ultrasound rooms and seeing her feet, having nurses complain because she was sitting on her hands during the reveal. Really set off my emotion train and enhanced my desire to continue trying for baby number 2.

Please ignore the holiday cookie mess to the side i didn’t realize it was visible. (I still have not cleaned up our mess from cookie baking day.)

-This bear is awesome, the texture is soft and curly, the eyes and mouth are sewn so there is no chewing choking hazards; which is great because some kids are like beavers during that teething phase. The bear comes with its own set of batteries, and when they eventually wear out, you just replace them and it’s supposed to continue working forever until those die out, and then the cycle repeats. So if treated right, this bear could get you through multiple children and pregnancies, and even end up as a great keepsake to pass down to grand babies. So don’t be afraid to name it and let it join the family. The Velcro straps are incredibly difficult to separate, I had to redo it a few times before the video to get as much ease as I did—which as you can see wasn’t much. I highly doubt any kid, from newborn and up, will ever remove that Velcro strapping. So be rest assured that bear will be stuck tight and well to the crib. As said in the video, the sound is adjustable by the simple crank of the dial. I think any baby would love to have this bear, I sure as heck do.

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