Best educational piano toy


The Best New Educational Baby Piano Toy is a really fun toy for younger kids. The piano keys sound great, and all of the animals make noises that sound more realistic than I have heard from any other of my kids toys before, the lion noise scared my daughter the first time she heard it. the volume is adjustable. The toy is very light weight, so any kid can lift it with ease. There is no off/on switch, but that’s because of the battery saver mode this toy runs on. When the toy isnt being played with, a few seconds after they stop touching it, the toy says “bye bye” at that point I believe is when the batteries stop operating and allow it to conserve its energies. This toy comes with several different animal buttons, and keys, modes, etc. but my 2.5year old daughter is incredibly satisfied just simply turning on the music portion and listening to “row row your boat” a million times over, which is the song played when you push the music button. With every noise it makes the feet light up red, so it should stimulate some interest from your child. The handle on it is great too, my kid forced me to allow her to walk around the grocery store with it, she loved it so much. And after she got tired of holding it, she had me place it in my bag, which was no issue since it fits nicely in my diaper bag as well as being light weight so I wasn’t in any strain.

I included a short video of my daughter playing with it. Should give you some idea of how much fun your child will have with this toy. (the volume is on the lowest setting, the toy can be louder if you want it to be.)

I received this toy at a discount in exchange for an honest an unbiased review.

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