Louise Maelys Retro Swimsuit

Louise Maelys Halter Padded Swimsuit is by far the cutest swimsuit I have ever owned. The retro attraction of the bright red halter top over dark blue and white polka dotted bottoms will have you looking good and catching everyone’s eyes. I am a mother, so I have a tummy covered in stretch marks, this high waist suit covers them all! For a long time I thought my only swim wear options were tee shirts over bikinis or full one pieces. Another great thing is the ruffled front on the bottom piece, it makes you look thinner and hides the little fat pouches around your tummy by making them look nonexistent.



My size measurements are a 36b on top, and a 42in hip span at my widest point with a 27in in my midsection, I’m 5’8 and 125lbs. I ordered a size large swimsuit thinking I needed one big enough to get over my giant birthing hips, and because I often have to order sports bras in large to fit comfortably on my ribcage, and because I feel safer ordering the next size up when ordering online.


I will tell you, this suit is incredibly true to size. My poor top half was swimming around in empty cup space, so I will need to reorder next summer or find a new top to swap out until I can grow. The lower half fit great though, and is incredibly stretchy, I expect to be able to wear it even if a few months pregnant, due to how elastic it is.


Upon receiving the swimsuit I promptly put it on, and uploaded photos to my facebook, within minutes of having posted I had several likes, questions on where I got it, and one friend even ordered one for herself on the spot! This swimsuit is hot, and will give you some great confidence boosting attention when in use. Retro is very much in fashion, and this suit looks like a timeless art piece. I am very impressed with the quality of this swimsuit as well, I highly recommend it.



If this swimsuit interests you, you can view even more info and purchase your own right HERE

Don’t forget to check out some of the other fabulous swimsuits that they have available as well!

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