Frozen Surprise Egg Video Review

If your child is ANYTHING like mine, then they have already discovered Youtube and the wonderful videos of Surprise eggs. Mostly Kinder eggs, but since those are illegal in the United States, these Easter eggs were about as close as we can get. Which is completely fine, my daughter loved these. But I knew I had to take the review one step further, and let her little Youtube star dreams come true. So at 2.5 yrs old, my little girl has officially starred in her very own #FrozenSurprise Egg video; and she did pretty well if I may say so myself!

As you can see in the video these eggs were easy enough for an adult to open. Inside each egg is a wrapped cookie, a sticker, and a small toy. According to the paper inside the egg, the toys range from tops (like you saw in the video,) to key chain mazes (also shown,) and there is even pencil toppers too. Everything carried a nice Frozen theme to it, and the surprise of the unknown kept us happily opening each egg. She was so heart broken to only have 3 eggs, she could have continued opening them for hours if I let her. Your kids will enjoy opening these eggs too, even if they aren’t doing a video reveal.

You can snag your own Frozen Surprise Eggs right here:

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