Get Paid to Organize your pantry!

Thanks to some amazing math skills by yours truly, and the amazing deals found at Kmart, I have put together a great step by step deal to help you get some 2 sets of 6piece Rubbermaid containers for organizing your pantry! So much cereal, rice, beans, flour, etc. can get stored and kept fresh. Plus the added bonus of making you look like you have your life together, and possibly becoming the envy of your pantry raiding friends. So much win-right?

It doesn’t get much better than this, and did you know that having an organized home can lead to weight loss and better financial savings? Its true, studies have shown that people with clean kitchens are more likely to snack less, so less eating because you’re bored. By staying organized and knowing where everything is, you know what to buy/not to buy, so no over spending and ending up with 3 of the same half eaten boxes of stale cereal tossed in the cupboard (we have all been there at some point.)

Alright lets start the process here before I ramble on forever 🙂

  1. Join using THIS LINK (You will save $5 at checkout this way)
  2. Close out of Raise, and open up THIS LINK to join
  3. Go through TopCashBack to shop at Raise, to rebate you 2% on your purchase
  4. Purchase a $25 valued gift card for Kmart (useable online, not the in stores only one-pay attention.) The gift card is currently on sale for $23.38 (since you signed up using the link I provided, you will pay $18.38) and you’re getting back $0.36 from TopCashBack (Every. Penny. Counts.)
  5. Now sign up for Ebates using THIS LINK
  6. Shop through Ebates to get to Kmart so you can earn 3% cash back + a $10 bonus I’ll tell you about it later)
  7. Once on Kmart, Go to grocery, food storage and look for these rubber maid containers to be added to your cart.



8. Make sure you are logged on to your Kmart Rewards account for this to work.
9. Add 2 of these sets to your cart
10. Now go to checkout, and at the top it will say something about how you will earn back $20.27 in points to be used later. Your cart total should be $26.98 (before any taxes)
Complete checkout using the $25 giftcard you bought from raise as your main payment method and another way to cover the smaller leftover amount.
11. Remember that free in store pickup is best to help you save money.
And that’s it, go pick up your lovely new pieces and wait for those rebates and points to come rolling back in.
Total money spent $20.98
Total money earned back $31.43

Like being paid $10.45

Break down of money coming back-
TopCashBack- $0.36
Ebates- $10.80
Kmart- $20.27
*The $10 ebates bonus is because you are new and spent over $25 in your first trip. So if you are not a new ebates member, you will need to redo this without that factor.
Happy Savings! Happy Cleaning and Organizing as well!

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