Carpet Sweeper Review

Why have I never owned a carpet sweeper before? Probably because I completely forgot such a wonderful device existed, that’s why!

I remember going to my grandmothers house as a kid and she had a basic looking blue one, I used to love playing with it. When I got the chance to review this I had to jump at it.

I’ve got a wood laminate floored house (minus the bedrooms- those have shag carpet) but we have an area rug in the living room, and up until I got this carpet sweeper, I was having to haul the vacuum out of the storage room to come and vacuum at least once a day! We have my kid, 2 fur balls and each other. dirt, crumbs, and hair accumulate like a plague.

This sweeper is incredibly light weight, breaks down in to several pieces (they screw to lock into place.)


Although it only works well on the carpet, not on the hardwood, it’s still been a huge blessing on my cleaning schedule, and no more electrical cords to deal with.

Just look at this short video I did of me using it.


You can view your own right HERE

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