Terry Treetop Ebook Review

Terry Treetop is the name of the main character, a little red headed boy with freckles. His dad builds him a treehouse and he’s lonely because he doesn’t have friends to share it with, so he sets off on a short adventure to find some. Along the way he meets people who reject him, until the end where he saves the life of a kitten, by rescuing it from a tree. After his bravery, everyone who rejected him, threw him a party and became his friend.


While the storyline may not capture you or me, for a child its pretty short and to the point. It’s not like reading a novel at bed time and its entertaining enough to hold their attention. Most of the story rhymes as well.

My daughter enjoyed hearing it, and has forced me in to reading it more than a handful of times. I’m sure your child could get just as much enjoyment out of it as well.

You can view and buy your own HERE

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