Victoria Secret Rewards Cards Feb.2016

One of the very best reasons to get your hands on a Victoria Credit Card I for this very deal I am posting below. A couple times a year Victoria Secret has a special promotion where you can get rewards cards valued anywhere from $10-$500 each. You can get these cards simply by making a purchase of $10 or more in store or online, or you can do the free option and mail away for them.


Victoria Secret Rewards

Get a mystery card worth between $10 and $500


When to start sending your letters-

Victoria Secret Angel Card Holder’s- 02/12/16-use the email attached to your vs card/account

Pink members- 02/21/16

General public- 02/25/16

End date of promo is 03/28/16


Entries must be received by 04/05/16

Start redeeming cards 03/29/16-04/27/16


Mail one entry a day per person, per household or email. Mail Monday through Saturday. Don’t mail on Sunday of federal holidays. If they receive a letter postmarked with the same date as another (both sent by you) then they will cancel each other out and both become invalid entries. You can end one letter a day, but no one else in your house can send away that same day. If multiple people in your house want to mail away then you will need to take turns, so to be sure not to cancel each other’s entries out.

Unlike the past promotions, this one is different, and in a pretty big way. #1 the mailing address is different from last time, and #2 you will be receiving your card back through snail mail, not email.

This time we need to include a SASE (self-addressed and stamped envelope) INSIDE the envelopes containing our entry. Our cards will be mailed to us instead of emailed.


Handprint your full name (first AND last)

Include Mailing Address

Provide your Date of Birth

Provide Email Address

 This must all be done on a 4×6 note card or piece of paper.

Enclose an envelope inside the one you’re mailing addressed to yourself and make sure it is stamped.

The rules this time don’t state what envelope size to use, all the past promotions said to use a #10 envelope. I would try to stay close to that size just for precaution.

Mail your completed entries to:

Victoria Secret Reward Promotion

P.O. Box 139024

Dallas, TX 75313


You can check the balances of your card starting 12:01am PT 3/29/16 at


This is completely free money, no catch. Think of it this way- .50 a stamp, (2per entry) plus envelopes and note cards can be bought at Dollar Tree. The absolute smallest amount of money you will get back is $10, and you will have spent a few cents over $1 on the entry making them AT LEAST a $9 Money Maker.


May Luck Be On Your Side, And High Money Be On Your Card.


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