Lasergrip IR-40 Dual Laser Review


I received the Lasergrip IR-40 Dual Laser Non-contact Digital IR and have been using it ever since it arrived at my front door almost 2 weeks ago. I have never been so excited about a tool before, and love everything about this device. The grip is incredibly soft as well as it has nice sized handle to allow for sturdy holding. The black rubber piece folds down to allow you to place the battery in the compartment. I love that it came with a battery, I never have this size in my house when I need it, and so that was a major bonus.

I live in military housing on an army post, and anyone who has ever even stepped foot into one of these house will tell you how bad it is. $1500 a month goes to renting a home with uneven floors, and incredibly poor insulation. These houses were built around 1950, and have been maintained just enough to keep them standing. With renter laws in place we aren’t allowed to make any major changes to these houses beyond painting the walls (don’t get me started on that rant.) Knowing we will only live here for another year or so I don’t want to spend a ton of money insulating the house, but I also don’t want to keep pending as much as we do in gas heating either. So using this Lasergrip IR-40 Dual Laser Non-contact Digital IR I am able to find the poorly insulated areas beyond just the door and windows. I can find where the cold spots are and try to cover them as best as I can. So far I have found several small spot along the trim of the floor, also where I can assume the ants are coming in during the summer time.

This Lasergrip IR-40 Dual Laser Non-contact Digital IR is saving me money in the long run, by telling me where to target, where to treat, and helping me to get my list of needed materials by knowing where to treat. I see many more uses for this laser, but for now keeping my home warm in winter and cold in summer is my biggest priority. I have had a fun time figuring out what these button do, what different things mean, and how to use it. I feel like I learn something new about it every day, and the battery has held up great to the heavy use I have put it through so far.

You can view more info and purchase your own right HERE

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