My New Adventure Book!


As a military family, we travel a lot more than the average family. Last year we were relocated several states away from our old duty station, so we made a cross country road trip out of it. My two year old will be able to walk into preschool and tell everyone about having seen the Niagara falls, mount Rushmore, mall of America, and more.  For a long time I have wanted to make a wall in our home dedicated to our travels and duty stations, and when I found this scrapbook, I instantly knew the theme I wanted it to be. Up is one of the greatest love stories ever written, as is the story of my own family. I plan on going through this scrapbook and adding pictures of our past travels, and filling it with our future ones as well. It will sit on a shelf prominently displayed on that wall I mentioned, so guests can view it, and also so it can be a great décor item. I truly love this book, and after sharing pictures of it on facebook, my family and friends are jealous and wanting their own (and why wouldn’t they? This book is awesome!)



This scrapbook comes with 4 postcards just like the ones from the movie.



There is 2 sheets of cut out pieces for you to build your own cube shaped Carl Frederickson, the paper is thick and shiny and very easily labeled for easy building times, I’d recommend a sharp knife or box cutter to get good cut lines.

There are green sticker tabs included, at first I thought they were just stickers for holding down the pictures, but then I realized they were pocket stickers, to hold the corners and protect them without covering the image. The adhesive on them is soft, allowing you to reposition and move them around without harming the pictures or book paper.


The scrapbook paper itself is very thick, and capable of keeping sharpie markers from bleeding through, making me feel confident these can withstand other scrapbook embellishments.


The scrapbook itself is held together by a soft rope with aglets on the ends keeping them from fraying, adds to the realism of the movie.


The book has a bendable binder and papers, allowing for easy turn and with the way it is set up, you can add or remove papers if needed (that’s awesome!)


I strongly believe that any fan of the movie would thoroughly enjoy this scrapbook, it is excellent and very well thought out.



You can view more about this scrapbook and purchase your own, right HERE

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