Cat Window Mount


Window mounted cat bed with bigger suction cups

The idea that suction cupped anything can withhold 50-70lbs of weight is hard to imagine, but when the suction cups are huge, and wetted on back, they seem sturdy enough to hold a full grown feline.

This window cat mount is fairly simple to put together and apply to your window, except for some minor cosmetic issues. the bottom pieces are held to suction cups by fitting the back of the cups into the opening of some pvc pipe with a center piece. there are two pieces that fit like this, and unfortunately one of my pieces had the inner part bent outwards creating difficulty to apply the suction cup. when forced, the cup broke the pvc pipe. The window mount does still work despite that though. my cat is about 25lbs (big kitty) and can survive just fine with that crack, I plan on getting some liquid nails and filling in the hole at some point, just for security of mind.

My bigger concern however, was the metal clips used to hold the mount to the top suction cups. after 3 days of use, one of the straps broke and my cat fell to the ground. (no more than a 3 foot drop, shes okay-just a little ptsd.)


I contacted the seller with pictures proving the issues to be true, as it seemed I had a defective product, I also suggested reinforcing the top cups so this issue doesn’t continue with customers everywhere. I was sent a replacement for free and it arrived quickly. I’m hoping it can survive longer than the 3 days, the other one did, but since I just finished putting it together and went through the exact same pvc pipe issues I had previously on the other one, I don’t expect this to last. if it cant hold a constant 20lb cat with little to no movement, how can the product description be true? It says it holds 70lbs in the title, but in the descriptions everywhere it says it can hold 50lbs. by that measure, my 30lb two year old should be supported and upheld comfortably-but I will not test this theory for the safety of my child. I really wanted to enjoy this window mount, and I love the ideas behind it and truly believe it could be awesome if the manufacturer could just make a few minor changes.


You can view this product and purchase your own using the link given above and the link listed right HERE.

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