All Natural Coffee Soap

Oh I have to tell you all about this amazing soap I got to review this week! Its fabulous in so many ways and I love it!

This All Natural, Handmade soap is Kona Coffee scented. But the company does offer a huge variety of other scents as well including, but not limited to, Black Raspberry Vanilla,  Goats milk Citrus Twist, Fresh Aloe and Lemon Coconut. I’ll tell you, I had my choice of scented bars and I had a seriously tough round of “eenie meenie miney mo” to choose one.

My used bar of soap, because I forgot to get one fresh out of the package.


I think these would be amazing in a spa gift basket. I know soap doesn’t sound like an amazing gift at Christmas or birthdays, but these have to be the exception to that simply because of how luxurious they are, right?

What I especially enjoyed about this Coffee bar of soap is the little crunchy pieces of ground coffee shoved into the bar. They provided to be a great exfoliant and added to the great feel of it on my skin. Didn’t even need a loofa to get a rich lather or fresh clean feeling!

I included that video up above of it being put to good use. it works great at giving a good lather, but unfortunately the video doesn’t show how rich it can get (very poor lighting and angles.)

But I still LOVE this soap and highly recommend it to anyone out there looking for something FABULOUS and REFRESHING.

You can view more info and purchase your own right HERE.

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