Calligraphy Practice Paper


In school I was never that kid to practice my penmanship, writing was obsolete and typing was necessary in every class. Then after Graduation, writing became less and less until finally, my handwriting was chicken scratch at best. My personal signature is printed, and looks similar to Comic Sans (a font option on Microsoft word.) I want to be able to write Pretty scripts and have my fountain pen sitting at my desk looking so fancy and official, but.. baby steps..

I must first improve my penmanship, then I can move on to fancy writing styles.

This calligraphy practice paper has been helpful to me. the paper has grids which are slanted, making it easier to follow with your writing, allowing it all to flow as one. the taller boxes are great for carrying the letters up, or bringing them down. the paper doesn’t bleed through with normal pen ink unless a lot is applied and even then, it only shows through the other side, and doesn’t ruin the next piece of paper.

You can view more info about this Calligraphy practice paper and purchase your own right HERE

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