A Girls Best Friend is Chocolate


Having read the reviews on this chocolate fountain I wasn’t sure what to expect, I thought perhaps I got in over my head and that it would be too difficult to operate. I’ve never owned a chocolate fountain before, and the only ones I’ve ever used were at golden corral and my cousins wedding 7 years ago. All I could remember was that I saw them pouring vegetable oil in it when they were setting it up. So I asked my facebook friends for pointers and advice on how to operate it. Vegetable oil, coconut oil seemed to be the two biggest suggestions along with different ideas on chocolates to work best. I decided id buy Wilton melter chocolate wafers, you can get the bags for $2.96 at Walmart, I grabbed 2 of them and figured it would be enough, although 3 could have worked too.


The instructions said to place the chocolate half centimeter below the bowl line, when unmelted this could be described as one bag of those wafer chocolates. It took 30minutes stirring every so often to get that one bag of chocolate melted. I switched it to heat/motor as per instructions and I got less than satisfying results, barely any chocolate wanted to come out, not enough to dip anything,  so I added 1/3c of vegetable oil to the bowl, stirring it in for extra coverage. It seemed to help a little, but then my husband suggested I add more chocolate. I didn’t want to wait another half hour for it to melt, so I put the unused bag of melters chocolate in a bowl in the microwave and followed instructions on it until it was melted and just poured it into the bowl of the chocolate fountain. Right away I noticed a huge difference and we were able to get some excellent dipping on our fruits and goodies. There were some gaps in the fountain pouring, leading me to believe a third bag of melting chocolate could have been added without issues. And since I added the oil before I added the second bag, I am unsure if it was even necessary, you can always just play with it and see.

When we were done using it, I turned the machine off, and took apart the pieces while the chocolate was still wet. Set them aside until the next morning (I was tired at this point) poured leftover chocolate into a bowl and let the chocolate harden. Next morning I filled the sink with warm water, placed the plastic pieces inside and watched the chocolate fall off with no effort. I used a cup to pour warm water into the metal bowl of the machine and swished it around, and the chocolate came off without issues too, then I just dumped the water. Its incredibly easy to clean-which is probably the biggest selling point. Overall, my only complaint was the instructions. I do wish they were more detailed, possibly including a “how to assemble” page, as that was guesswork. but the product itself was great and we look forward to more chocolate parties in our future.

You can view more info and purchase your own right here by clicking on this picture 🙂


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