Are you ready for a money makeover?

Have you heard of Dave Ramsey? Do you have payments monthly towards various debts and more month at the end of your money? This book could be what you need to help you pull your life together and get out of debt and in to a better lifestyle.

Seriously though I read this book in 3 days flat because I couldn’t put it down. the baby steps he has listed out make the whole process seem so easy and efficient its impossible not to succeed (unless you don’t try.)

The book has hundreds of stories from people who took the Total Money Makeover challenge and even includes real stories from Dave about how he lost everything and built himself back up to millionaire status.

We are on the fast track to getting out of debt (truck loan mostly) and should be living in greener pastures before our kid is in kindergarten.

step 1 – save $1,000 fast (baby emergency fund)

step 2- pay off debts (this is where we are sitting right now)

step 3- have a 3-6month emergency fun (layoffs happen)

step 4- invest (this is where your retirement plans get started)

step 5- college funds (for the kids)

step 6- pay off house

step 7- give (by this point you’re wealthy from investing, saving, and have no debts to your name)

You can buy this book from amazon, like I did. Its a great read. Dave has a great sarcastic, non-sugar coating/ slightly cynical voice to him and can definitely provide the motivation needed to kick start your life for the better.

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