Jastore 2Pcs Little Baby Girl Clothing Sets Long Sleeve Striped T-shirt + Jeans



I had the opportunity to purchase this full 2 piece outfit for a discounted price. And here is what I think about it.

First off, let me just say its a size 4t and fits my 3 year old nicely with room to grow in both leg length and stomach width. there is elastic in the pants bands that you button to adjust size and it could have fit my child inside them twice with how much room was provided.

The washed look of the pants is not only fashionable but great for the messy kid whose clothes will no doubt be washed constantly anyways-so no parental fear of fading clothes. My child was also ecstatic when she realized all the pockets included in this outfit. 4 on the pants, and the one on the shirt -so these are a big deal and priority to any 3 year old.

the long sleeve shirt is black striped and has the floral pocket as seen. it is a real pocket, although shallow in depth, you can still store things inside. the shirt material is a soft cotton, not itchy or heavy. great for a cool fall seasoned day.

overall, this outfit satisfies both myself and my daughter and is great/well done.

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