I am a Nicole. I am 23 years old and married to my adorable husband who puts up with all of my nonsense and hobbies. Together we have the most beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed 2.5 year old little girl you’ve ever seen; with dimples that compliment her amazing smile and laugh. We are a very close, happy family.

My husband spends a few hours every day playing video games when hes not in uniform. But still manages to be a great father and husband, he’s like our super man.

My daughter rules the household with her crazy toddler demands (not really, but she tries). If she had it her way, it would be chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with Curious George on tv and a fridge stocked full of go-gurts and apple juice.

I have been couponing for almost 2 years now, really good at it in fact. Not as “extreme” as that tv show, but that show is fake, promotes illegal coupon misuse and also..who needs 200 bottles of mustard just because it was free? I buy what we need for our family, and enough to stockpile away for later. We have it down to less than $300 (closer to $200) for groceries for our family per month. We bake a lot from scratched dont have much processed foods in our house. We go on walks all the time with our dog Molly (German Shepard/Australian Shepard mix.)

My interests literally span the globe its crazy how many things/hobbies i can enjoy doing. Canning, cooking, baking, writing, reading, sewing, crafting, cross stitching, embroidery by hand,watching movies, crocheting, refurbishing furniture, saving money (couponing, and reviewing items, and just being frugal), and just trying to be the best mom I can be. Of course I’m sure i can think of many more random interest when i sit down to it too.. I don’t do gyms due to my self consciousness. I dont run unless something is chasing me or there is a donut or taco truck at the finish line. Im sarcastic, fun, easy going and smart. —–taking a step back to read this.. dang, my husband is a lucky fella šŸ˜‰