Where can you find coupons? Can you count all the ways? If you counted OVER 10 different ways to get a coupon, congratulations, because there is practically an infinite number of ways you can be getting these money saving beauties.

Newspapers, Online, In store ads, On phone apps, In your emails, In your mail box, Magazines, Blinkie Machines, Tear Pads, In Gas stations, On the product itself, To name a few.



In your Sunday newspaper you will find not only store ads, but also coupon inserts, most likely Smart Source, Red Plum, and once a month Proctor and Gamble. These coupon inserts are like gold, ranging from coupons for food to hygiene and cleaning supplies, even car items too! These coupon inserts don’t normally come out on holiday weeks, but are pretty good at remaining on schedule with everything else. You can even get a good idea of what coupons will be coming out in your coupon inserts by looking at SundayCouponPreview.com, keeping in mind that some coupons may not be in your paper, as there is such thing as regional coupons (meaning only certain areas will get these.)


You can find coupons online, simply by googling for one (yes-it’s that simple) Not sure if a coupon exists at all- use a search database such as CouponTom.com.

Some of the most popular online coupon websites are Coupons.com, SmartSource.com, RedPlum.com and Hopster.com.

Of course your favorite brand probably has coupons on their websites or Facebook pages as well, so those are also worth the look.

In Store Ads-

Most likely these are store brand coupons, and not Manufacturer coupons, therefore you can use a store coupon AND a manufacturer coupon on the same item. Unless store policy, or the coupons say otherwise. Easiest way to tell the difference between a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon is by looking at the coupon, if it has a redemption address for the store to follow, then 9/10 times it’s a Manufacturer coupon.

On Phone Apps-

Rebate apps are wonderful and should be considered a coupon for all intense purposes. Some rebate apps have deals with stores where you can link your store card to your app and save right there at the register. You can view my list of rebate apps HERE

In Your Emails-

When was the last time you saw a coupon for Kingsford Charcoal? They come out maybe once a year in the coupon inserts (April-June time frame) and this company won’t mail you them upon request, but they do have an email subscription program, and that’s where they hide those beautiful money saving beasts. In fact, most companies have an email subscription where they send you coupons as a thank you for receiving all their junk mail. Huggies, Pampers, Chinet, Old Orchard, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, and the list drags on.

In Your Mail Box-

Companies love to get responses from their consumers, it helps them to know when a product is working, needs help, needs changing or should say the same. They want your business and they want you to be happy. Quite a bit of companies will actually send you coupons as a thank you for taking the time to tell them about their products and how much you love/hate them. Smuckers and Kimberly Clark and International Delight are three examples of ones that I’ve had success writing to in the past. You can easily write to any company by using the contact us section on their websites. It’s super easy and only takes a few minutes, just try not to write to the same company too much (at least no more than twice a year.)

In Magazines-

Maybe those magazines sitting at the dentist office actually may be of use to you? Or any of those free subscriptions you keep being offered, might be of use to your wallet?

There are several Magazines often to be found with coupons inside them, the number one magazine with coupons is All You, but Weight Watchers, Better Home and Garden, and several others have been known to have some inside from time to time as well.

Blinkie Machines-

You know those little “ticket dispensers” you find in front of products at the store that you used to pull from as a kid. Well, Pull from them again as an adult and find joy again in the form of saving money. These little machines are called Blinkie Machines (by the coupon community) as they often have a little light on them that-you guessed it-blinks. And those coupons, well what else would we call them, but of course- Blinkies. These little guys are still Manufacturer coupons, and can be used anywhere that accepts them.

Tear Pads-

Tear pads are coupons that are stacked on top of each other, usually bound by an adhesive strip, allowing you to “tear” one or more off at once (hence the name*wink, wink.) Of course I’ve also seem some place bind them together with zip ties. But these tear pad coupons are found in front of products, on the shelf or display case usually, as a ploy to get you to buy that item right then and there.

Gas Stations-

Most people now a days pays for their gas at the pump, but did you know that by doing that, you are actually reducing your chances of finding tear pad coupons inside the store? Quite a bit of gas stations carry tear pad coupons on the self near products, often for candies such as Mars brand, or Energy Drinks, maybe even fountain drinks. You’ll never know if you will find one, or what it will be for, so think of it as a fun treasure hunt to distract you for a minute or two before you pay.

On The Product Itself-

If you find a coupon attached to a product, you’ll notice you have to peel it off, right? These coupons are called “peelies.” You’ll notice couponers are very good at giving literal names to things. But these peelies are great coupons, and often of higher value than the coupons you find in inserts, with longer expiration dates as well. Which is why a small portion of couponers will take them off products without the intent to buy them right then and there, and also why there is a huge debate on if it’s ethical. But my own feelings for it aside, these coupons are still very valued in the coupon community.

If you find a coupon attached to the product with a tag (elastic string, or cut to fit over the top of the bottle) these are referred to as “hang tag” coupons. These are also GREAT coupons.

If you find a coupon inside the product, there is no real name for it other than manufacturer coupon. But these coupons are also very awesome. I have often found them in Razors (mostly Gillette brand) but they can also be found inside boxes of pasta, cereal, or inside the paper wrapping on a canned item. 90% of the time they are mentioned on the outside of the product, so you know to look for them. But these also have nice values (most of the time) and very long expiration dates, as the manufacturer doesn’t know how long they will sit on the shelf and want to cover their bases, so expect them to last up until the last day of that year.


That is about all the info I can muster up at this point and I hope that it has been helpful.

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