Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

The Pilgrim Collection Anton Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser is not only a great diffuser/humidifier but also a beautiful piece of art for the home. Who loves this piece more, myself or my daughter; she enjoys turning it on every morning. We have left it operating for hours every day since it arrived and it has never once over heated or gotten too warm to the touch. It works immediately after pushing the button (once filled with water and oil of course.) The directions are simple to understand, and if you leave it on and forget about it as you go into the next room or leave the house- it turns itself off after 8 hours on constant use, or it runs out of water (whichever is first.) There is options to allow the colors to keep changing, to be a solid color, and to turn it off. If you are sensitive to lights at bed time and want this in your bedroom I suggest putting a small object in front of the button to block the bright blue glow when it is on. But other than that this piece is simply wonderful. I have no negatives I can think to say about it. I love how even when it’s off and just sitting there, it still looks like a smooth piece of fancy art.


Pilgrim Collection Anton Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

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