Joining any number of these links can help you to save money in the long run. Phone apps, websites, and more. Every Penny counts.


A website designed to help make your online shopping easier. Open up a sales page through their website and be linked straight to the store you wish to shop at. Be credited back with a percentage of your spending’s. Easy way to get a rebate, especially around the holidays. Cash out in the form of a check or money straight to your PayPal.

Top Cash Back

A website very similar to Ebates, however most of the time it offers a different percentage value back in rebate form. It also has a few different “checkout” options, including getting your money back in form of an amazon gift card.

Free Eats

Sign up on this website and within a few hours get $1 deposited into your PayPal account. Get your own referral link and share it with your friends. Every time they sign up, they get $1, every time your friend’s sign up you get $1 each, up to $50. And if the company ever messages you, you will be immediately paid .25 straight to your PayPal per message. FREE MONEY. You must have your PayPal account linked to your phone number to work, since that’s how money is transferred.

Phone Apps-


This app will send you text message questions (rarely) which will give you .50 or .25 per question. Plus a referral program of earning .25 per friend who joins up under you. Money goes straight into your PayPal account


Buy discounted gift cards straight to your phone. I absolutely swear by this app, you’ll hear me mention it a lot! Especially since the holidays are upon us, and every penny saved counts. Use promo code NDURHAM and you’ll save another $5 on top of the discount.

Fuel Rewards

Website/mobile app. But it’s simply amazing if you want to cut down on your gas bill (car gas, not house gas.) All you have to do is sign up, link it to your debit/credit cards and pay your bills/shop like normal. No real added effort is necessary. You can easily earn back cents off per gallon at participating Shell gas stations just by entering your pin number (given when you sign up) at the fuel pump or checkout counter. There’s additional bonuses if you buy things inside the store portion, but I personally never do those just because the prices inside there are too dang high.