Linkyo Washable Chalk Markers


Have you ever loved an item so much that you wanted to share them with everybody (without actually sharing, because then people would be using YOUR product.) These washable chalk markers are absolutely divine.

I love Love LOVE LLLOOOOVVVVEEEE these liquid chalk markers so much!


They are so easy to prime, so easy to use, and just an awesome array of bold colors and awesomeness. The markers don’t drip, they stay in place. They are incredibly easy to wash off of almost any surface.


They can compliment any level of drawing skill (or lack thereof.)

They can wipe off easy once dried, I use a wet paper towel followed by a dry one. If any end up on my wall, a lysol wipe and/or a magic eraser have been known to remove it easily as well.



Chalk board surface, textured fridge, deep freezer and oven are all places where I put these markers regularly, and have had no issues in applying or removing the #LINKYO Liquid Chalk Markers. I highly recommend these to everyone in the market.

You can buy them right HERE

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