My all-time favorite rebate app. It has so many store options, changing rebates, bonuses for getting rebates and teamwork, oh I could go on and on about how much money one can make from this app alone. I won’t lie, I have worked my shopping trips around the rebates before, even without the use of coupons, it was a great deal. You can cash out at any time once you reach $10 in savings. Cashing out in options between money being sent to your PayPal, or buy an e-gift card for any number of stores. Referral code- UQFFG


This rebate app allows you to cash out at $20 in form of a mailed check. No referral link here, sorry. But they do offer some great rebates throughout the year. Weekly offers are updated every Thursday morning.


This is a rebate app created by Groupon. It offers money back after your shopping trip is over. They often have great money back deals, usually of high value compared to some others, but limited quantity on how many can be redeemed, so always double check that the offer you want is still there. You cash out of this one once you reach $20, and a check will be mailed to you for the amount you redeemed.


MobiSave for iPhone and Android is a great rebate app to get your money back withing HOURS-yes-HOURS of having uploaded them. This is the ONLY rebate app to work as quickly as it does, and the money goes straight into your paypal. New offers every monday.


Shopmium is great as well, often filled with healthier foods and “cleaner” items to retrieve rebates on. You just have to watch a small ad before requesting rebates from purchasing them. Join with referral code HECACYRK and get an offer for a FREE Lindt Chocolate Bar.


This rebate app often has GREAT rebates and even some for bulk shopping (which can be done over several receipts too, so don’t feel rushed into buying all that coffee creamer or Goya brand items) “Once your accumulated savings in your SavingStar account reach $5, you can pick your payout from a deposit into your bank or PayPal account or a donation to American Forests (coming soon, gift cards too). It’s that easy!”


This app is pretty darn cool. Its got everything from store ads to rebates. And they aren’t rebates like the all the others either, these ones are for stuff like 3% back from Target when you spend $15, $1 back from Dollar Tree when you spend $10, there’s usually even rebate for Aldi as well, which is awesome because most other rebate apps wont work for that store. I’ve even seen rebates on Starbucks, Big Lots, etc. this app is awesome. Join today using referral code Y4S9.


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