Jastore 2Pcs Little Baby Girl Clothing Sets Long Sleeve Striped T-shirt + Jeans



I had the opportunity to purchase this full 2 piece outfit for a discounted price. And here is what I think about it.

First off, let me just say its a size 4t and fits my 3 year old nicely with room to grow in both leg length and stomach width. there is elastic in the pants bands that you button to adjust size and it could have fit my child inside them twice with how much room was provided.

The washed look of the pants is not only fashionable but great for the messy kid whose clothes will no doubt be washed constantly anyways-so no parental fear of fading clothes. My child was also ecstatic when she realized all the pockets included in this outfit. 4 on the pants, and the one on the shirt -so these are a big deal and priority to any 3 year old.

the long sleeve shirt is black striped and has the floral pocket as seen. it is a real pocket, although shallow in depth, you can still store things inside. the shirt material is a soft cotton, not itchy or heavy. great for a cool fall seasoned day.

overall, this outfit satisfies both myself and my daughter and is great/well done.

Cat Lion Mane Review

I personally loved this Cats lion mane and thought it was a lot of good fun for both me and my cat to enjoy. Unfortunately she didn’t share the same views as she seemed to take it off shortly after being applied.


The good news is that it is easy enough for cat to remove for themselves, so there safety issues. the helmet type hat is easy to apply and does cover the cats ears though, so id recommend only putting on pets who enjoy dress up, my cat doesn’t like wearing clothes of any sort, she’s a very natural nudist and I should learn to respect her rights as an animal, but honestly- how can I resist trying to dress her up? its so much fun.


To view more about the product and purchase your own you can visit the link provided right HERE


I think this screenshot perfectly illustrates her feelings about this hat me.


Are you ready for a money makeover?

Have you heard of Dave Ramsey? Do you have payments monthly towards various debts and more month at the end of your money? This book could be what you need to help you pull your life together and get out of debt and in to a better lifestyle.

Seriously though I read this book in 3 days flat because I couldn’t put it down. the baby steps he has listed out make the whole process seem so easy and efficient its impossible not to succeed (unless you don’t try.)

The book has hundreds of stories from people who took the Total Money Makeover challenge and even includes real stories from Dave about how he lost everything and built himself back up to millionaire status.

We are on the fast track to getting out of debt (truck loan mostly) and should be living in greener pastures before our kid is in kindergarten.

step 1 – save $1,000 fast (baby emergency fund)

step 2- pay off debts (this is where we are sitting right now)

step 3- have a 3-6month emergency fun (layoffs happen)

step 4- invest (this is where your retirement plans get started)

step 5- college funds (for the kids)

step 6- pay off house

step 7- give (by this point you’re wealthy from investing, saving, and have no debts to your name)

You can buy this book from amazon, like I did. Its a great read. Dave has a great sarcastic, non-sugar coating/ slightly cynical voice to him and can definitely provide the motivation needed to kick start your life for the better.

A Girls Best Friend is Chocolate


Having read the reviews on this chocolate fountain I wasn’t sure what to expect, I thought perhaps I got in over my head and that it would be too difficult to operate. I’ve never owned a chocolate fountain before, and the only ones I’ve ever used were at golden corral and my cousins wedding 7 years ago. All I could remember was that I saw them pouring vegetable oil in it when they were setting it up. So I asked my facebook friends for pointers and advice on how to operate it. Vegetable oil, coconut oil seemed to be the two biggest suggestions along with different ideas on chocolates to work best. I decided id buy Wilton melter chocolate wafers, you can get the bags for $2.96 at Walmart, I grabbed 2 of them and figured it would be enough, although 3 could have worked too.


The instructions said to place the chocolate half centimeter below the bowl line, when unmelted this could be described as one bag of those wafer chocolates. It took 30minutes stirring every so often to get that one bag of chocolate melted. I switched it to heat/motor as per instructions and I got less than satisfying results, barely any chocolate wanted to come out, not enough to dip anything,  so I added 1/3c of vegetable oil to the bowl, stirring it in for extra coverage. It seemed to help a little, but then my husband suggested I add more chocolate. I didn’t want to wait another half hour for it to melt, so I put the unused bag of melters chocolate in a bowl in the microwave and followed instructions on it until it was melted and just poured it into the bowl of the chocolate fountain. Right away I noticed a huge difference and we were able to get some excellent dipping on our fruits and goodies. There were some gaps in the fountain pouring, leading me to believe a third bag of melting chocolate could have been added without issues. And since I added the oil before I added the second bag, I am unsure if it was even necessary, you can always just play with it and see.

When we were done using it, I turned the machine off, and took apart the pieces while the chocolate was still wet. Set them aside until the next morning (I was tired at this point) poured leftover chocolate into a bowl and let the chocolate harden. Next morning I filled the sink with warm water, placed the plastic pieces inside and watched the chocolate fall off with no effort. I used a cup to pour warm water into the metal bowl of the machine and swished it around, and the chocolate came off without issues too, then I just dumped the water. Its incredibly easy to clean-which is probably the biggest selling point. Overall, my only complaint was the instructions. I do wish they were more detailed, possibly including a “how to assemble” page, as that was guesswork. but the product itself was great and we look forward to more chocolate parties in our future.

You can view more info and purchase your own right here by clicking on this picture 🙂


Calligraphy Practice Paper


In school I was never that kid to practice my penmanship, writing was obsolete and typing was necessary in every class. Then after Graduation, writing became less and less until finally, my handwriting was chicken scratch at best. My personal signature is printed, and looks similar to Comic Sans (a font option on Microsoft word.) I want to be able to write Pretty scripts and have my fountain pen sitting at my desk looking so fancy and official, but.. baby steps..

I must first improve my penmanship, then I can move on to fancy writing styles.

This calligraphy practice paper has been helpful to me. the paper has grids which are slanted, making it easier to follow with your writing, allowing it all to flow as one. the taller boxes are great for carrying the letters up, or bringing them down. the paper doesn’t bleed through with normal pen ink unless a lot is applied and even then, it only shows through the other side, and doesn’t ruin the next piece of paper.

You can view more info about this Calligraphy practice paper and purchase your own right HERE

All Natural Coffee Soap

Oh I have to tell you all about this amazing soap I got to review this week! Its fabulous in so many ways and I love it!

This All Natural, Handmade soap is Kona Coffee scented. But the company does offer a huge variety of other scents as well including, but not limited to, Black Raspberry Vanilla,  Goats milk Citrus Twist, Fresh Aloe and Lemon Coconut. I’ll tell you, I had my choice of scented bars and I had a seriously tough round of “eenie meenie miney mo” to choose one.

My used bar of soap, because I forgot to get one fresh out of the package.


I think these would be amazing in a spa gift basket. I know soap doesn’t sound like an amazing gift at Christmas or birthdays, but these have to be the exception to that simply because of how luxurious they are, right?

What I especially enjoyed about this Coffee bar of soap is the little crunchy pieces of ground coffee shoved into the bar. They provided to be a great exfoliant and added to the great feel of it on my skin. Didn’t even need a loofa to get a rich lather or fresh clean feeling!

I included that video up above of it being put to good use. it works great at giving a good lather, but unfortunately the video doesn’t show how rich it can get (very poor lighting and angles.)

But I still LOVE this soap and highly recommend it to anyone out there looking for something FABULOUS and REFRESHING.

You can view more info and purchase your own right HERE.

Cat Window Mount


Window mounted cat bed with bigger suction cups

The idea that suction cupped anything can withhold 50-70lbs of weight is hard to imagine, but when the suction cups are huge, and wetted on back, they seem sturdy enough to hold a full grown feline.

This window cat mount is fairly simple to put together and apply to your window, except for some minor cosmetic issues. the bottom pieces are held to suction cups by fitting the back of the cups into the opening of some pvc pipe with a center piece. there are two pieces that fit like this, and unfortunately one of my pieces had the inner part bent outwards creating difficulty to apply the suction cup. when forced, the cup broke the pvc pipe. The window mount does still work despite that though. my cat is about 25lbs (big kitty) and can survive just fine with that crack, I plan on getting some liquid nails and filling in the hole at some point, just for security of mind.

My bigger concern however, was the metal clips used to hold the mount to the top suction cups. after 3 days of use, one of the straps broke and my cat fell to the ground. (no more than a 3 foot drop, shes okay-just a little ptsd.)


I contacted the seller with pictures proving the issues to be true, as it seemed I had a defective product, I also suggested reinforcing the top cups so this issue doesn’t continue with customers everywhere. I was sent a replacement for free and it arrived quickly. I’m hoping it can survive longer than the 3 days, the other one did, but since I just finished putting it together and went through the exact same pvc pipe issues I had previously on the other one, I don’t expect this to last. if it cant hold a constant 20lb cat with little to no movement, how can the product description be true? It says it holds 70lbs in the title, but in the descriptions everywhere it says it can hold 50lbs. by that measure, my 30lb two year old should be supported and upheld comfortably-but I will not test this theory for the safety of my child. I really wanted to enjoy this window mount, and I love the ideas behind it and truly believe it could be awesome if the manufacturer could just make a few minor changes.


You can view this product and purchase your own using the link given above and the link listed right HERE.

My New Adventure Book!


As a military family, we travel a lot more than the average family. Last year we were relocated several states away from our old duty station, so we made a cross country road trip out of it. My two year old will be able to walk into preschool and tell everyone about having seen the Niagara falls, mount Rushmore, mall of America, and more.  For a long time I have wanted to make a wall in our home dedicated to our travels and duty stations, and when I found this scrapbook, I instantly knew the theme I wanted it to be. Up is one of the greatest love stories ever written, as is the story of my own family. I plan on going through this scrapbook and adding pictures of our past travels, and filling it with our future ones as well. It will sit on a shelf prominently displayed on that wall I mentioned, so guests can view it, and also so it can be a great décor item. I truly love this book, and after sharing pictures of it on facebook, my family and friends are jealous and wanting their own (and why wouldn’t they? This book is awesome!)



This scrapbook comes with 4 postcards just like the ones from the movie.



There is 2 sheets of cut out pieces for you to build your own cube shaped Carl Frederickson, the paper is thick and shiny and very easily labeled for easy building times, I’d recommend a sharp knife or box cutter to get good cut lines.

There are green sticker tabs included, at first I thought they were just stickers for holding down the pictures, but then I realized they were pocket stickers, to hold the corners and protect them without covering the image. The adhesive on them is soft, allowing you to reposition and move them around without harming the pictures or book paper.


The scrapbook paper itself is very thick, and capable of keeping sharpie markers from bleeding through, making me feel confident these can withstand other scrapbook embellishments.


The scrapbook itself is held together by a soft rope with aglets on the ends keeping them from fraying, adds to the realism of the movie.


The book has a bendable binder and papers, allowing for easy turn and with the way it is set up, you can add or remove papers if needed (that’s awesome!)


I strongly believe that any fan of the movie would thoroughly enjoy this scrapbook, it is excellent and very well thought out.



You can view more about this scrapbook and purchase your own, right HERE

Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Review

This is the biggest pizza cutter I have ever owned, it I huge and looks like it can take down any pizza that steps up to the challenge; and so far it has.

The cutter has a great little slip guard to protect your thumb from accidentally being cut off-because who would want that? Great safety feature.

Despite its huge size it actually conveniently not as heavy weighted as I would have expected, but that’s not saying it light as a feather either.

Its easy to clean and use and has a convenient little hole at the bottom that you can hook it onto a wall or something so it doesn’t need to sit in a drawer, and can be displayed nicely in your home if you use it often.

pizzacut1To view more information and purchase your own click HERE

Lasergrip IR-40 Dual Laser Review


I received the Lasergrip IR-40 Dual Laser Non-contact Digital IR and have been using it ever since it arrived at my front door almost 2 weeks ago. I have never been so excited about a tool before, and love everything about this device. The grip is incredibly soft as well as it has nice sized handle to allow for sturdy holding. The black rubber piece folds down to allow you to place the battery in the compartment. I love that it came with a battery, I never have this size in my house when I need it, and so that was a major bonus.

I live in military housing on an army post, and anyone who has ever even stepped foot into one of these house will tell you how bad it is. $1500 a month goes to renting a home with uneven floors, and incredibly poor insulation. These houses were built around 1950, and have been maintained just enough to keep them standing. With renter laws in place we aren’t allowed to make any major changes to these houses beyond painting the walls (don’t get me started on that rant.) Knowing we will only live here for another year or so I don’t want to spend a ton of money insulating the house, but I also don’t want to keep pending as much as we do in gas heating either. So using this Lasergrip IR-40 Dual Laser Non-contact Digital IR I am able to find the poorly insulated areas beyond just the door and windows. I can find where the cold spots are and try to cover them as best as I can. So far I have found several small spot along the trim of the floor, also where I can assume the ants are coming in during the summer time.

This Lasergrip IR-40 Dual Laser Non-contact Digital IR is saving me money in the long run, by telling me where to target, where to treat, and helping me to get my list of needed materials by knowing where to treat. I see many more uses for this laser, but for now keeping my home warm in winter and cold in summer is my biggest priority. I have had a fun time figuring out what these button do, what different things mean, and how to use it. I feel like I learn something new about it every day, and the battery has held up great to the heavy use I have put it through so far.

You can view more info and purchase your own right HERE